Month October 2013

How to Get Involved on World Food Day

World Food Day, established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1979, is a day to take action and tell the world that hunger still exists. Each year takes on a different theme, and this year’s is sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition! But, what does that even mean?

No matter where you are on the earth, someone around you is suffering from food insecurity. One in eight people suffer from not having enough food or the inability to access it. Production of staple foods needs to increase by 60 percent in order to keep up with the growing population. A food system is how we grow, process, sell, and eat our food. So, by creating sustainable food systems, we can increase the amount of food while at the same time utilizing every resource.

So, how can YOU be involved?

Tweet us a picture saying why you care about hunger to @WhyCare_ and hashtag #WFD2013! And check out the World Food Day 2013 website to learn about different ways to engage your family and community in the fight to end world hunger, such as arranging a food drive, planting a garden, or hosing a World Food Day meal! Ending world hunger starts with YOU! What will you do?