Month April 2014

HungerU Tour


 The Farm Journal Foundation’s HungerU Tour

The HungerU tour is an initiative of the Farm Journal Foundation and its platform, Farmers Feeding the World, which strives to educate the future leaders about the global hunger crisis. The tour, based out of a trailer jam-packed with educational materials and AV equipment, stops at universities throughout the country in order to engage students about the world hunger crisis. HungerU focuses on making students aware of the scope of the hunger crisis, both at home and abroad, as well as the role technological advances in communication and agriculture plays in alleviating world hunger. Ultimately, the goal of the HungerU tour is to encourage the next generation of leaders to use their knowledge and experience to help solve the world hunger problem.


By utilizing a fun and diverse mix of educational materials, the representatives are able to engage and connect with students about how they can apply their experiences and education to end world hunger.

“Watching the students connect what they are learning in class with what they learn at HungerU, and seeing their eyes light up, is truly inspiring,” says Margie Alsbrook, Director of Operations for the Farm Journal Foundation. Alsbrook says the tour is made possible by individual donors to the Foundation, as well as DuPont and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Farm Journal Foundation recently wrapped up a trip to the 2013 World Food Prize, where they had a chance to meet policymakers and those responsible for productivity gains that are so important for feeding a growing population.

The fall 2013 HungerU tour made its first stop at Cornell University on September 19 and will visit a total of 19 universities along the East Coast. At four schools along the way, the HungerU tour will be hosting Food Forums where students will get a chance to deepen their engagement by hearing from a panel of experts from fields related to world hunger. In addition to the Food Forums, the HungerU tour will utilize its partnership with Stop Hunger Now to promote food packaging events, where students package thousands of meals for those in need. More information and a schedule of campus visits can be found on the HungerU website: Be sure to keep track of the HungerU tour on twitter @HungerUTour ( or Facebook