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A Look at Food Insecurity and Poverty in America

Map the Meal Gap
See how citizens struggle with hunger

The term “food insecurity” often refers to a lack of access to adequate food to support an active, healthy life for all household members. Limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods is also deemed food insecurity.

These times can be brief or extended, but living in this state brings uncertainty and stress to many families every day. Feeding America created an interactive map, called the Map the Meal Gap project, to help readers visualize food insecurity rates and people’s access to assistance.

Check it out! Select your state and county on the map to start learning more about your neighbors struggling with hunger and the food banks that serve them.

Read more about the findings of Map the Meal Gap in the Executive Summary, see food insecurity by Congressional District or learn how they got the data.

Feeding America undertook the Map the Meal Gap project, with the generous support of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and The Nielsen Company, to learn more about food insecurity at the local community level.

The New York Times
How where you grow up effects you

Earlier this month, the Times published this article  that discusses the atlas of upward mobility out of poverty. A corresponding interactive map allows readers to follow the suspected impact of geographic location during early life on one’s earnings as time passes.

They make very interesting reads and we encourage you to see how your county stands up! Do you agree with the data presented, or do you see another side to the story? Let us know by tagging us @UFWHdotorg!