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PUSH: A Student Perspective

This summer I had the privilege of attending the first PUSH operational meeting in Washington, D.C. and the rare opportunity to witness university and world leaders unite against the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity. As a student who cares deeply about these issues, it was incredible to see leaders from universities with countless resources get excited about better engaging their institutions in the fight against hunger. Looking around the National Press Club and seeing representatives from universities and organizations around the world, I could see the potential for the PUSH movement to create change on a global scale. Hunger has no borders, but neither does the passion of students to improve quality of life around the world. As a student, I don’t always get to see the effects of my university president’s decisions beyond my academic life. However, I hope every student at the PUSH schools finds out about the tremendous leadership that their president, chancellor, or director has taken on such a pressing global issue.

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