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Join the 2015/16 Thought For Food Challenge!

Cody Sanders, Auburn University

Are you a university student passionate about food security, design thinking, and instigating global change? The Thought for Food (TFF) Challenge is calling on young changemakers to develop creative, bold solutions that address one of the greatest global issues: feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

In 2012 (exactly almost three years ago!), I had the incredible opportunity to participate on a team from Auburn University in the Thought For Food Challenge. As the saying goes, “the rest is history.” Three years later, I have travelled across Europe, forged friendships with a community of bold and brilliant students around the globe, and met some of the most revered remodelers of global development in the world. I owe these experiences to the empowerment mindset held by Thought For Food and their incredible team.

These are just a few of the experiences that TFF has provided me. What is available to you? Part Business Plan competition, part inspirational Global Summit, TFF is comprised of more than 3000 students, ambassadors, and mentors from 50+ countries. The unique TFF platform and community provides unprecedented advantages for students to gain invaluable insight to the world of global development and solutions. As a participant you have the incredible opportunity to strengthen your ideas and skills through the TFF startup bootcamp, gain mentorship from global experts, and the potential to pitch your idea at the one of a kind TFF Global Summit for a chance to win up to $15,000. In addition to this, you will also become a member of the TFF Community—A community that is dedicated to the support of past, present, and future TFFers and their endeavors to reshape and revolutionize the world in which we live.
We’re calling on you to uproot the status quo and develop creative, bold solutions to feeding 9 billion people by 2050. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to move your ideas into action while connecting with young innovators from around the world and becoming part of the game changing community of friends, mentors and investors. The world is waiting.

Thought For Food was created on the belief that our generation has unprecedented capacity to pronounce the present condition of global food security unacceptable. If you strive to make the world a better place for our rapidly-growing population, sign up to participate in the 2015/16 Thought For Food Challenge!
You can find more information about this year’s TFF Challenge at www.tffchallenge.com.