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Your president just signed PUSH….What Now?

Some universities have joined the PUSH (Presidents United to Solve Hunger) campaign via their work with UFWH (Universities Fighting World Hunger).  We are especially proud of those students, already engaged in activities that raise awareness and involvement in eradicating hunger, who have urged their presidents to make food security a priority on their campus by signing the PUSH Presidents’ Commitment to Food and Nutrition Security.

At other campuses signing the Commitment and joining PUSH has been the first step in creating a comprehensive plan that includes mobilizing students towards engagement.  For those students whose president has joined PUSH you may be wondering what is the next step?

First, if you have not started a UFWH chapter for your school, please go here and follow the instructions for starting a chapter.  There is no cost and this is an important step for us to make sure that you receive the resources and information that you need to become part of a growing movement.

Next, you can follow this link and look at the UFWH Manual we have put together.  Here you will find information on starting a chapter, facts about hunger, and additional resources, including recommended reading, helpful Internet links and resources and ideas for activities and events.

For those who have a UFWH chapter, but your president has not yet signed onto PUSH, you can find a student handbook with suggestions and support to get your president involved at www.pushtosign.org. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

Once you get your chapter up and running, you can also use the style guide and logos found with the toolkit to get the word out!

If you need any help or have questions, the UFWH admin team is always here to help! You can email us at hsi@auburn.edu.