Auburn Global Health Case Competition


January 26, 2019

Register by Nov 1, 2018 Nov 14, 2018


The Auburn Global Health Case Competition features teams of 4-6 interdisciplinary student teams.

Teams are given a global health case scenario and tasked with finding real world-solutions within real-world budgetary, technical, and time constraints.

The case scenario may involve issues such as:

  • healthcare policy
  • public health implementation and planning
  • business partnership & investment
  • medical research
  • logistics management
  • cultural understanding


Undergraduate teams of 4-6 must register by Nov 1, 2018 Nov 14, 2018.

Teams must include students from at least 2 different departments, and teams from across different colleges within Auburn are highly encouraged.

Students can register as a full team, or you can register as an individual and will be placed on a team.

Teams can register here.

Individuals can register here.