How OneProsper is Using Dodgeballs to Hit Hunger

One Propser International is a Canadian charity founded in 2010, is launching a dodgeball tournament called Dodge for Hunger on World Food Day.

OneProsper International is increasing food security in the Thar Desert region of India where people are facing malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.  OneProsper International provides small farmers with innovative drip irrigation kits – enabling them to significantly increase food production while conserving water.

About 20 universities and high schools in Ontario Canada will be participating in the inaugural Dodge for Hunger tournament.  Students will educate their peers about the problem of global food security and raise funds to empower small farmers with drip irrigation.

Dodge for Hunger – High Schools:

  1. Bayview Secondary School – Richmond Hill, Canada
  2. Bell High School – Ottawa, Canada
  3. Colonel By High School – Ottawa, Canada
  4. Hillcrest High School – Ottawa, Canada
  5. Lisgar Collegiate – Ottawa, Canada
  6. Richmond Hill High School – Richmond Hill, Canada
  7. Sir Robert Border Secondary School – Ottawa, Canada
  8. Unionville High School – Richmond Hill, Canada

Dodge for Hunger – Universities:

  1. McMaster University
  2. University of Ottawa
  3. University of Toronto
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. Western University
  6. Wilfred Laurier University
  7. York University

OneProsper is inviting high schools and universities across Canada and the US to participate in Dodge for Hunger. Join the youth movement by contacting


“OneProsper is a shining example of how people can make a positive difference in the lives of so many if they are just willing to take action and commit to change” – John Guarino, President of Coca-Cola Canada