Be a Hunger Advocate

You may know the feeling of hunger, the pang in your stomach when you’re ready to eat. But can you imagine living with that feeling day in and day out? According to the World Food Programme, 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat. So why should you become a hunger advocate? You can make a difference and contribute to a global movement to end hunger.
It is important to be an advocate because it gives you the opportunity to affect change in the world. You can show your support for or against an issue that is up for vote with your government and you can help educate your fellow peers on an issue.
We have the tools and resources to end hunger and make it history, we just need a collective voice from people like you to stand up and advocate for the hungry in our world.

How to become an advocate:

Here’s a quick guide to advocacy. It will tell you in a nutshell what exactly it means to be an advocate along with some tips and tricks to make sure you are effective at getting your point across.

Speaking Out:

Ready to dive in a little deeper? Click here to find out how you can effectively speak out against hunger. WFP USA has put together the tools and resources you need to contact your representatives in government.

Other Resources:

In addition to WFP USA, there are many other organizations that have great tools and resources to help you advocate on behalf of the hungry.

Check out these websites for more ways to become an advocate:

Bread for the World
Feeding America
World Food Day
Zero Hunger Challenge

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Reports:

Here’s a link to FAO’s major annual publication, The State of Food and Agriculture. Each edition of the report gives an overview of a selected topic for agricultural development and global food security.


UFWH believes that hunger can be solved – but only when all disciplines and all sectors work together. Students are encouraged to apply their educational background and interests in campaigns and projects – from working in a local food bank to raising awareness about the issue through marketing and communication. The Why Care campaign was initiated by students in Auburn’s Hunger Studies Capstone class and it spread to campuses all over the world. Take some time to see how these simple messages are changing lives.

Why Care?

Why Care? is an international campaign initiated by a group of students to spark a global conversation about hunger. They began by asking themselves and their peers, “Why should we care about hunger?” This question challenged them to come up with a viable, yet personal, reason to care and to become invested in finding solutions to this global challenge. It might seem like a small act, but solving hunger begins with people like you and me coming together to say: we care.

Want to learn more about hunger?

Check out the Hunger Awareness Certificate. Through Auburn University’s Office of Professional & Continuing Education you can develop a skill set for global citizenship that includes opportunities for advocacy, leadership, and critical problem solving.


Kara Stanley
Universities Fighting World Hunger Intern

Share why YOU care about hunger!

“Why Care?” is a social media campaign that allows your voice to be heard around the world.
Tweet, post, or email us a picture of yourself telling your reason for caring about hunger.
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