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Shuan White 2014 Olympics

2014 Winter Olympics Update: Shaun White Disappoints

The Olympics started with a bang as the host city put on a jaw dropping Opening Ceremony and it seemed to be another dominant performance from the American athletes. Unfortunately, one athlete did not a great performance on the half-pipe and cost him a shot at a gold medal.

Shaun White seemed to be poised to add to his collection of gold medals, but it seemed this time was not his as he fell in his last run and ended the night leaving with no medal at all. White is just one disappointing performance, but the rest of the American athletes seem to be cleaning up the podium left and right and letting the world know who has the best athletes.

The city of Sochi seems to be finally getting everything together in terms of finishing construction and raising security, but one problem has risen over the past couple of days. In an ironic twist to the Winter Olympics, warm temperatures have caused a lot of the snow to melt. While here in America, we are experiencing unusual snow and cold temperatures, tourists and athletes in Sochi are wearing t-shirts and shorts.

As the Olympics continue, the United States athletes will hopefully continue to win gold medals and show why America has the best athletes in the world.

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