Round 2: Achy Breaky Heart

Billy Ray Cyrus

Round 2: Achy Breaky Heart


It’s a song people associate with Billy Ray Cyrus and last week he debuted the second part to the song. What was once a song about the trials and tribulations of love has transformed into a hip-hop remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

Depending on what you thought of the original version, you might not like the second version. For one, the song starts with a rapper who calls himself Buck 22 as the prominent figure for a song created by Cyrus. The chorus is one of the pieces of the original song most people would seem to recognize.

After listening to the song, I became curious as to what kind of music video Buck 22 and Cyrus would use for the song. Needless to say, it was not something I was expecting. The video is interesting to say the least. It involves a different side of Cyrus I had not seen before, but in today’s society it is to be expected. There are girls dancing on the walls on either side of the artists wearing nothing but tape. The one positive outcome of the video is while the song and video might not have hit the mark, on YouTube it has more than 6 million views.

My review of the song and video is left to be desired. While the concept of revamping
Achy Breaky Heart is a good idea, but making it into something it was not made to be is a different story. I thought the song could have done without the hip-hop feel and Cyrus should have taken a more visible role in the song since it originally his song.

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