Sweet Sixteen Sock Hop

Sweet Sixteen Sock HopSweet Sixteen Sock Hop


To know where current music comes from, we have to look back to when music started laying down the foundation of today’s music in the 20th century. Tim Dodge also known as “Dr. Hepcat” lets his listeners get a taste of what was known as the good times from the years 1945-1963.

Because he has given so much to the radio station, WEGL is hosting a Sweet Sixteen Sock Hop in honor of Dr. Hepcat. Since 1998, he has highlighted different genres of music such as gospel and blues.

Hosting a radio show is not his day job though. He currently works as a reference librarian and history specialist at Ralph Brown Draughon Library on the campus of Auburn University. On Wednesdays from 6p.m. to 8p.m., you can tune in and listen to his show and experience the music from those golden years.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4th at 6p.m. in the WEGL office. For more information, contact Emma Kukla at eck0003@auburn.edu


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