Teenage Dirtbag

Last week, I turned twenty. Since twenty is overall a very uninteresting age to be, I thought I’d spice up the sun setting on my teenage years with a playlist comprised of songs that defined these formative years of my life. Some of these were released before I was technically a teenager, most from Totally Hits 2 or from NOW 4,5, or 6, but I still feel very teenager-y when I hear them. While this playlist isn’t everything, it definitely highlights all of the musical phases I experienced before becoming really “musically conscious” of what was going on around me. It has some deliciously terrible pop hits from the early 2000s, a few more classic rock-esque tunes, the mix of these elements that defined my early high school days, and all the way up to what I enjoy now. I hope you are singing as loudly to Fall Out Boy as I am.


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