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Every year the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen devote a weekend to getting closer before assignments pick up. Camp Mac, located in the Talladega National Forest, has been the home for WEGP retreat for decades. This makes Camp Mac a shared tradition among members across generations. It is a home away from home. This year was no different.

Once at camp, all members participate in team-building activities that have varied from one year to the next. “Returners” had no previous knowledge of the obstacle courses, ensuring a fresh cycle of team-building.


“Retreat prepared me to work more closely with my fellow WEGPs in the upcoming year. I can now truly see how impressive each and every member of the group is, and I appreciate the gifts and talents of each person,” said Graham Norwood, a first-year Plainsman.

Exercises aside, the group discovers each other on deeper levels. This happens in the conversations made in between activities and particularly at  “junior speeches.” These speeches allow every member to have a voice- to tell their story. It is a time to let guards down.

“Vulnerability breeds depth” is what president Bo Bradford repeated. 

“My favorite part of the retreat was junior speeches because of how open and honest everyone was with the group,” said Ann Nunnelley, a new War Eagle Girl.

This unwavering vulnerability opened doors. Doors for honest communication. Doors to foster relationships.  Doors that lead to a job well-done by 17 new members.

With the help of eight returners, new War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen are fully prepared for the year ahead.

The past week marked the beginning of a year of service. The group has kicked off April with a busy schedule of assignments. The new class of WEGP is running in full gear and can be seen around giving tours to visitors or escorting administrators across campus.

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