Avoiding Distraction

Distraction: that sneaky little…

Michael Scott from The Office TV show meme


It gets the best of us.

What do you do when you KNOW you’re supposed to be writing that paper but that HIMYM episode is only like 20 minutes, and then obviously someone has added to their snap chat story in that time, and WOW did she really just tweet that??….you get the picture.

The Office TV show meme

Even as I write this, I’m listening/dancing/singing to Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do while lying on my bed, and I’ve already watched 1 ½ episodes of HIMYM.

NOT TO MENTION that summer is literally weeks away. Who cares about your essay on Medieval chivalry or whatever the kids are writing about these days? Not I.

But alas. That essay is still there. It, and those distractions, isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

So how do you beat the distraction? How do you get the most done in the least time? How do I not fall asleep on my bed as I write this?


Here are some tips (preaching to myself here, honestly).

(Now Brave by Sara Bareilles is on. Thanks Spotify.)

  1. Plan Ahead
    1. I know every one says this… but really. If you know exactly what needs to get done ahead of time, you can tackle that assignment in full confidence that you will finish it.
  2. Self-Control
    1. Self-Control is this wonderful/horrible thing that you can download on your computer. It allows you to block certain websites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) for an allotted period of time.. once you click yes, there’s no going back. Like really, I’ve tried.
  3. Put the phone down
    1. We all know that once you pick up that phone, you can’t go back. Whether it’s yik yak or snapchat, it’s got you hooked.
  4. Go to the 4th floor (or somewhere that isn’t your room)
    1. Unless you’re one of those freaks of nature who can effectively study in their room, you’ll get so much more done when you’re not sitting on that comfy mattress pad under your comforter and Netflix just happens to be on… Yeah. The Student Center and RBD have great places to study alone or with others. And though the fourth floor can be terrifying, if we’re being real, that’s one of the best ways to avoid distractions. Because you can’t talk. To any one. At all. (Yeah. Terrifying.)
  5. Have your friends keep you accountable
    1. Even if it takes your friends hiding your electronics, ask them to make sure that you’re getting work done. Reward yourself with one of those amazing muffins from Caribou

And remember, if distraction isn’t your issue, and a lack of a thesis statement is, the Miller Writing Center is always there to encourage you (and empathize with your distractibility because we too are human college students wanting summer to come).

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