Carla Bell

Editor of Space Unveiled

Carla Bell

Carla Bell, Director of Multicultural Affairs for the College of Architecture, Design and Construction, edited and wrote part of Space Unveiled. The book is the first of its kind, which “unveils invisible space, culturally competent teaching strategies and diverse philosophies in architecture and design education,” Bell said.

Bell used her experiences and the knowledge gained while conducting research for her dissertation to guide her work on the book. She said, “Space Unveiled provides crucial teaching tools for refocusing the cultural, historical and pedagogical approaches in architecture and other related fields to effect change in the number of underrepresented groups.”

Bell has worked to aid Auburn’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction in increasing multicultural involvement in the program, and Space Unveiled could help other programs to do the same. Bell said, “The book offers alternative practices that can advance inclusiveness in design fields and also elevate all architects’ status as purveyors of meaningful design interventions.”



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