Carolee “Meme” Collier

2014 Common Book Writing Contest

Carolee Collier

Carolee Collier, a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama, received first place in the Common Book Writing Contest in the category of first year students for her short story submission, “The Road.”

Collier said she has always loved to write, utilizing this quality as an English and graphic design double major, and grew up wanting to be what she termed, “a bookmaker who draws her own pictures.” In The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, the main character utilized wind power and his knowledge and skills to change his country and his own life. Collier said, “I knew little about the technical topics the book covered and viewed the novel and contest as a challenge and a chance to learn about and research something completely new.”

The novel resonated with Collier specifically because it is a true story about “someone who has touched countless others in countries that were once outside his sphere of experience.” Collier believes she was given a new perspective on how resilient the human spirit is and that she was able to relate to the author’s fears and dreams throughout his journey.

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