Gary Brown ePortfolio Project Faculty Cohort  Award

The ePortfolio Project invites nominations of individuals or teams of two to five faculty members from a program, department, or college who have exhibited exemplary leadership in promoting the ePortfolio Project Faculty Cohort and been engaged in practices that support the implementation of ePortfolios at Auburn University. Nominations might recognize: individuals who have spearheaded the integration of ePortfolios across an entire program; worked together to develop assignments, map curriculum, design assessment practices, planned and delivered faculty development activities for their program or college; or undertaken research related to ePortfolios. In either case it should be clear that those nominated have exhibited a spirit of collaboration and joint ownership/responsibility for the implementation of ePortfolios into their curriculum. The award is named in honor of Dr. Gary Brown, a national leader in innovative teaching and the use of ePortfolios as a tool for student learning. Dr. Brown led the evaluation of Auburn’s ePortfolio Project during the 2013 SACSCOC reaffirmation on-site visit and exhibited the spirit of collaboration, collegiality, and support for student learning that Auburn’s ePortfolio Project aims to recognize and applaud.

The winning individual and/or team will receive a one-time cash award of $5,000 per person, minus applicable federal and state taxes only. The stipend is meant to support the faculty members’ on-going efforts to implement ePortfolios in their program, department, or college. Award winners will be expected to share their work with ePortfolios and their strategies for successful collaborative efforts in integrating ePortfolios at Auburn University events such as the annual Conversations in Celebration of Teaching or Research Week, or at regional and national conferences as appropriate.

Application Process:
The nomination packet should be submitted as an ePortfolio to Margaret J. Marshall, Director of University Writing at by March 1, 2018. The ePortfolio (which need not be made public) should include:

Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of faculty and administrators involved in the ePortfolio Project, and the winner will be invited to the ePortfolio Project Awards Luncheon in May 2018. Nominees not selected will be automatically considered in subsequent years, though the submitted ePortfolio may be updated.

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