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We are pleased to announce two opportunities for faculty grants for 2020. The purpose of the ePortfolio Project Grants Program is to provide resources that support involvement in the ePortfolio Project and further establish Auburn as a leader in using ePortfolios to enhance student learning. Funding is granted to programs, departments, and faculty working collaboratively or independently to advance ePortfolio implementation across Auburn University’s curricular and co-curricular programs. Total projected funding available this year is $50,000. Applications can be submitted through this link.

A separate call for participants in an Academy for Writing: Integrating High Impact Practices  takes the place of earlier, beginning-level ePortfolio curriculum integration grants. The Academy for Writing: Integrating High Impact Practices provides faculty the time and resources to build HIPS (such as capstone courses and projects, study abroad, internships, ePortfolios, or undergraduate research) into their individual courses and assignments and scaffold them to promote integrative learning across an undergraduate program or major. For additional details, please see the full call. Applications can be submitted through this link.

We invite faculty interested in learning more about these opportunities to attend information and planning sessions. Information sessions for the ePortfolio Project and iHIPS Academy grants will be held Nov. 12 from 1-2 p.m. and Nov. 13 from 3:45-4:45 p.m. Registration is not required for the information sessions. For questions regarding the Grants or Academy programs, contact the Office of University Writing at or 334-844-7475.


  • Examples include developing research on specific aspects of ePortfolio practice (creation of artifacts, critical thinking, visual literacy, arrangement) or connecting ePortfolios to research in a specific discipline or issues within the fields of ePortfolios, High Impact Practices, or improving post-secondary education.
  • Proposals that involve undergraduate students in research related to ePortfolio practices are encouraged.
  • Projects that show potential for publication or eventual external funding will be given priority.

Advanced Curricular Focus

Examples include projects that:

  • Help students do a better job of integrating curricular and co-curricular activities (such as undergraduate research, internships, co-op experiences, study abroad, or student leadership or involvement) through the range and kinds of artifacts they include in their ePortfolios, the depth of their reflective contextualization of these artifacts, and the quality of synthesis between curricular and co-curricular activities highlighted in the ePortfolio.
  • Involve students in creating or contributing to an ePortfolio (or website) that has a real-world purpose and impact and integrating that on-going ePortfolio into the curriculum for one or more courses.


Examples include projects that:

  • Examine ePortfolio participation in relation to student success, retention, or engaged learning
  • Consider the impact of ePortfolios on faculty and/or teaching
  • Deepen ePortfolio assessment to include assessment of individual artifacts as well as the ePortfolio as a whole
  • Utilize ePortfilios as a means of assessing program outcomes
  • Assess how ePortfolios are being used after graduation
  • Involve external stakeholders like potential employers


The committee is open to other possibilities not outlined in the categories above as long as they:

  • Advance the goals of the ePortfolio Project or utilize the Project’s framework to expand the quality and impact of other High Impact Practices
  • Demonstrate evidence of intellectual and/or instructional merit