The ePortfolio Project offers grants to help faculty members, programs, and units involved in the implementation of ePortfolios to receive the support they need to begin and sustain deep, meaningful teaching and research with ePortfolios. The ePortfolio grants are awarded once a year in the spring. Below are descriptions of the six categories of grants. The 2017/2018 Grants Request for Proposals document has been posted: Click here to view the Grants Request for Proposals. The application may be viewed directly at

     Curriculum and Course Development

  • Examples include designing or revising courses or assignments and working with a team of faculty to integrate ePortfolios into the curriculum.
  • Grants of this type might include partial TA support, faculty salary stipends, and/or summer stipends for students. Departments and colleges or co-curricular units are expected to help with these costs.
  • Proposals that lay out clear timelines and specific needs for curricular development or expansion will be given priority.


     Equipment and Space

Note: This category is applicable only to programs that have integrated ePortfolios into their curriculum. It is expected that evidence of the integration will be clearly articulated in the proposal.

  • Examples include equipment needed for both artifact and portfolio creation such as: special lighting, sound, or camera/video equipment to produce high-quality visual and audio artifacts or spaces where students can help each other.
  • Space and equipment needs should be specifically linked to the needs of the ePortfolio Project, and where that space or equipment will serve multiple functions, the grants request must include appropriate contributions from the department, college, or other appropriate unit.
  • Funding priority will be given to equipment and space grants that will support multiple individuals or units and that do not duplicate existing resources.


  • Examples include developing research on specific aspects of ePortfolio practice (creation of artifacts, critical thinking, visual literacy, arrangement).
  • Projects that show potential for publication or eventual external funding will be given priority.




  • Examples include projects that examine ePortfolio participation in relation to student success, retention, or engaged learning; projects that develop sound assessment practices throughout the department or program; or projects that consider the impact of ePortfolios on faculty and/or teaching.
  • Projects that contribute to the assessment of Auburn’s ePortfolio Project will be preferred.



     Conference and Travel

  • Presentations on ePortfolios given at discipline-specific conferences are the focus of this category.
  • Travel grants are awarded to cover actual costs; reimbursement will occur upon presentation of appropriate receipts (airline tickets, lodging, transportation, and meals).
  • Funding for presentations at ePortfolio-related conferences (the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Conference or the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (IWAC), for example) do not require a grant proposal. Contact the Office of University Writing for details.


     Workshop and Seed Project Grant

  • Workshops that require the support of involvement of the ePortfolio Project staff do NOT require a grant proposal. Contact the Office of University Writing with your request.
  • Workshops or projects are not to exceed $3,000.
  • Examples include: collaborative programs that bring faculty or students from two or more Cohort programs together.