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It is important to think about your audience before you get started. Your audience is whomever you have in mind as you are creating your ePortfolio. Examples of audiences include internship supervisors, employers, and graduate schools. Although a professor may be an immediate audience, try to consider how you could use this ePortfolio for your future academic or career goals. Although your audience should not be the only factor, a defined audience will help you determine what to include and how to design your ePortfolio.

Know Your Audience

Use the Know Your Audience worksheet to identify your audience and consider what they may be looking for when visiting your ePortfolio.

Campus Resource: Career Center

The Career Center can help you navigate employer expectations and career paths. They can also provide feedback on resumes and cover letters. Visit their website for resources about employers and graduate schools.

Candid Career

One way to learn about your audience is to listen to professionals talk about their experiences. Candid Career has informational videos featuring individuals from a wide range of industries and fields. Visit their website to search their video archive and learn more about the careers that interest you.

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

Some of you may have multiple audiences, such as employers and graduate schools. Or you may need more time to identify your specific audience. Either way, you may want to craft your ePortfolio in a way that appeals to multiple groups. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has conducted surveys about the types of skills employers look for on resumes, and you might consider featuring some of these skills in your ePortfolio. Click here to visit the NACE Job Outlook 2018 and view the top skills.