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Ethical Literacy

Ethical Practices

As you create your ePortfolio, you will be making choices and taking actions that could impact yourself and others. We call these choices and their impact ethical literacy.

Ethical literacy is important because the public nature of the internet often raises questions about what media to include and how to give appropriate credit. Any time you use the work of others — such as images, videos, and music — you must be aware of copyright, fair use, permission, attribution, and representation. Although such concepts can be complex, working within these parameters is an essential component of creating your ePortfolio.

Refer to the Ethical Practices handout to learn more about respecting the safety, privacy, and creative works of others. The handout also lists places where you can find fair use images, videos, and music.

The “Questions to Consider: Adding a Photo” infographic offers an example of how you may apply ethical practices when adding a photo to your ePortfolio.

To learn more about your rights as creators, watch the video “Rip, Mix, Burn: Exercising Your Copy Rights” by copyright expert Brandon Butler.


One of the most important aspects of ethical literacy is accessibility. Accessible websites benefit all users, not just those with disabilities. Accessible ePortfolios enable all users to fully experience the content on your pages. As you create your ePortfolio, we encourage you to consider the way all users interact with your website.

The Accessible ePortfolios handout describes strategies to help make your ePortfolio accessible and more inclusive.

Visit WebAIM for an excellent overview of accessibility principles that you can apply to your ePortfolio.

If you have a video on your ePortfolio, remember to caption the content or provide a transcript of the video. YouTube and Vimeo are two popular video hosting platforms used by students. Click below for easy-to-follow caption instructions for each platform. If you are using another platform to host a video, remember to look into how to add captions to your videos on that platform.