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There are many website-builders — or platforms — that can be used to create an ePortfolio. The ePortfolio Project supports Wix, Weebly, and WordPress. Each of these platforms has an easy-to-use interface (no coding required) and extensive support features to help you learn to navigate the technology.

Although any of the three platforms can be used to create an ePortfolio, you may want to look at what each one offers to find the one that best fits your needs and goals. The Choose a Platform handout rates the platforms on categories such as ease of use, customization, and user support.

Once you have selected a platform, simply create a free account to begin crafting the pages of your ePortfolio.

Platform Links

There are several options within the platforms that allow you to share, protect, and enhance your ePortfolio. The Technical Details handout provides descriptions of important features such as password protection and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The platforms also offer extensive support features that you can view by clicking the support page links below.

Platform Support

The Media and Digital Resource Laboratory (MDRL), located on the first floor of the RBD Library, is available to answer technology questions. Students also have the opportunity to check out equipment and record videos in their studio space.