Liz Lemon’s (Somewhat) Helpful Insight About Paper Writing

Meet my good friend, Liz Lemon.

Liz Lemon as Princess Leia

She is the former head writer for “The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan” on NBC. She knows that sometimes writing can make us a little crazy…

Liz Lemon's bag feud she is here to share some wisdom with us regarding writing.



Mistakes are okay sometimes.
Liz Lemon's mistake



The right topic to write about might not be the easiest.

Liz Lemon's right and hard thing


Creativity can be a good thing.*

Liz Lemon says blerg

*You probably shouldn’t use invented words in your paper.



Think about the words you use before turning in your final draft.

Liz Lemon's comforting words


Sometimes, honesty in writing in the best policy…

Liz Lemon's honesty

…but you should first know your audience.



Word order is important.

Liz Lemon on word order


In order to write a successful paper, you need to use multiple elements and not just stock up on one.

Liz Lemon's multiple elements


Staying in to write is a good idea, especially the night before it is due.

Liz Lemon staying in


Talking out ideas for your paper can be helpful.

Liz Lemon talking it out


Come see us at the Miller Writing Center!

Liz Lemon "I want to go to there"



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