RBD: More than just a freshman hangout

woman stressed out and pulling hairIt’s that time of year again…football, pumpkin pie, orange leaves, cozy sweaters, and research papers. Chances are if you’re in any sort of class that requires writing, you’ve got a whopping 10+ page research paper looming like a storm cloud over your next three weeks of school.
For me, the worst part of writing a research paper is finding the sources. I know what I want to write about, but now I have to find the evidence to back it up. And I can’t just pull some facts off of Wikipedia. Oh no. I have to drag myself up all those stairs in front of RBD and look in an actual, real-life book, which is intimidating because there are a lot of books in RBD.

Here are some ways to conquer your fear of being crushed between giant shelves of books while looking for research on an obscure German novel that only you and the author have heard of:

Ask your professor if they have any texts on reserve at the library. Sometimes professors will pull texts they think will be helpful for this research project. You can find these at the circulation and reserve desk on the first floor of RBD.

Before even heading to the library, check out the catalog on RBD’s website. You can search key words and find books that might pertain to your topic. Here’s an extra-helpful link:

Head to the reference desk on the second floor of RBD. There are librarians there who would love to help you find texts for your research. There is actually a subject specialist for pretty much every major!

stack of booksIf you’re camped out on the fourth floor, or even doing some writing from the comfort of your own bed, you can online chat with a librarian. There is a tab on the RBD website called “Ask a Librarian,” and from there you can find the Chat Online button. Here’s another extra-helpful link:

Most of all don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s why we have librarians!

Once you’ve got your research together, head over to the Miller Writing Center, also conveniently in RBD (as well as four other great locations), and we can help you put it all together!