Students save Aubie’s tail on National Day on Writing

Aubie with writing posterAuburn University celebrated the National Day on Writing Thursday, Oct. 20. The Student Writing Council took to the Haley Center concourse with a unique interactive activity for passing students.

The council, which the SGA Senate recently chartered as an official student group, created a “Tale of Tails” for students to read and complete. In the “Tale,” Auburn’s beloved mascot Aubie had lost his tail. Students were asked to complete the story and tell how Aubie got his tail back in their own creative way.

“I’m so happy to see so many students excited about writing,” said Karissa Womack, President of the Student Writing Council. “Sure, it may be light-hearted and goofy, but I’ve seen so many students’ faces light up with creative ideas on how to finish this story. It’s great for all of us to share in the celebration.”

Students were even treated to an appearance by Aubie (tail intact) himself, who read through the harrowing stories the students had created. With a nod of his head and a point of his finger, Aubie said he was just as excited as Womack to see Auburn students line up and write. By the end of the day, two books of stories were filled. The books will be available in the Office of University Writing, 3436 RBD Library, for those interested in reading the stories. Womack said that while the day was a great opportunity for students to celebrate writing, it was also an opportunity for the members of the writing council to bond and complete a project together.

“I was so proud of their work,” Womack said. “They got as many students as they could excited about the event. We all breathed a sigh of relief that we had happy ending after happy ending of Aubie finding his tale.”

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