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Faculty Focus showcases videos specifically for faculty writing enrichment. These videos are also accompanied by supplemental materials related to the topics that are covered in each video.

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Designing Engaging Writing Assignments: Why?

This video is the first in a series of digital symposiums entitled “Designing Engaging Writing Assignments.” The focus of this first video is on the importance of promoting engaged learning through writing assignments for college classes in all disciplines.

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Designing Engaging Writing Assignments: How?

The second video in “Designing Engaging Writing Assignments” specifically focuses on HOW faculty can create engaging writing assignments for their students.

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Designing Engaging Writing Assignments: Writing to Learn

The third video in the digital symposium “Designing Engaging Writing Assignments” focuses on how to use writing to teach content in the college classroom (also known as “Writing to Learn”). Examples of writing activities can be found in the video and in the accompanying handout.

Watch the video here