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The focus of WriteBites is on discussion – what can we learn from each other; what strategies can we borrow from other programs and courses; what assumptions are we making about teaching writing that need to be re-examined and what practices for teaching writing need to be re-considered and revised?

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For Fall 2016, lunches will be Wednesdays from 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

We’ve all been there. You get assigned a course you haven’t taught before and handed an assignment that has become a tradition. Or, there’s not enough time to do everything, so using someone else’s assignment seems like a good idea. Or, you’re new to the institution and teaching a course with lots of sections so using a standard assignment is expected. Often such assignments are thin on the details and less than clear about the objectives. So, what do you do? How do you make an inherited writing assignment fit the goals for the course, your own teaching priorities, and the way you relate to your students? Join us for an informal discussion over lunch to consider how best to work with inherited writing assignments. Bring that inherited assignment with you and leave with new colleagues, a full belly, and some concrete plans for turning that inherited relic into something you can cherish, or at least live with for a while.
It’s a new course and a new assignment; you’re in a new institution or working with students you haven’t encountered before. How do you really know what students will find challenging in the assignment you’ve designed? How can you build in time to deal effectively with those difficulties without having to meet with each student individually as they run into problems? What strategies have worked for others in similar situations, and how do you get information from colleagues who know these Auburn students better than you do? Join us for an informal discussion over lunch to consider strategies for figuring out what students already know how to do and leave with a few tricks for structuring your syllabus to make room for the unexpected.
Whether you teach a large course or not, getting students to give good feedback to each other can save you time AND teach them a skill that will serve them well in the future. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen peer reviews that accomplish little for either the writer or the reviewer. Whether students try to act like the grammar police or offer up generic praise that it all “looks good to me,” this is probably not what you had in mind as useful peer review. If you’ve tried peer review and been disappointed in the quality of the feedback students give each other, or if you’re new to the idea of peer review as a teaching tool, join us for an informal discussion over lunch to consider strategies and structures that can turn peer review requirements into productive learning activities that save you time when the papers come to you and help you accomplish the goal of improving student writing abilities.
How many times have you found yourself saying something like “Did they even read this before they turned it in to me?” Do you wonder why students can’t seem to consult a style manual, run the spell checker, or use a dictionary before they turn in the final paper for a grade? Do you find yourself complaining to colleagues that students won’t follow the directions you provide about margins, font size, citation formats, or labeling sections or graphs? Join us for an informal lunch discussion to consider strategies that help students proofread and follow conventions and save you from line editing their work. Leave with a cookie AND a better understanding of how to help students treat formatting issues and following directions as commonsense behaviors for professionals in training.

If you have ideas of topics you would like featured at future lunches, please contact us.

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Where Does it Happen?

ePortfolio Studio — 2056 RBD Library (look for the green wall on the south side of the Learning Commons)

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