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Encourage Your Students to Visit the Miller Writing Center

The Miller Writing Center is here to help students become better writers. You can help your students utilize this resource in several ways:

Include Information about the MWC in your Syllabus

If you choose to do so, here’s a statement you can include:

Please note that to protect our clients’ privacy, the MWC does not provide verifications of visits to faculty or advisors. All clients receive a report after each MWC appointment. If you want a visit verification, please ask your student to forward this report to you upon receipt.

Schedule a Class Workshop

We’re happy to work with you to schedule a writing workshop for your class. Workshops can range from very specific writing issues to more general writing issues. Visit the WoW Wednesdays page to see examples of the types of workshops we could adapt for your class. We can also facilitate workshops on topics not listed.

The process of requesting a workshop begins with a one-on-one consultation with an experienced staff member to learn more about your course and identify the learning outcomes for the workshop. To schedule a one-on-one consultation and class workshop, please contact Dr. Margaret Marshall at Because of the time it takes to schedule consultations and prepare for workshops, please contact us as early as possible, but no later than one month before your preferred workshop date. Because we are short staffed this semester, we may not be able to accommodate requests sent less than four weeks in advance.

Schedule an MWC Introductory Presentation

Undergraduate and graduate consultants are available to introduce your students to the MWC with a brief (5-10 minute) overview of our services and how your students can best make use of this resource. Unless otherwise specified, we will schedule a consultant to arrive at the beginning of class. To request an MWC introductory presentation, click here to complete the presentation request form at least one week prior to your preferred presentation date.

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