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The Miller Writing Center welcomes applications from all Auburn students (undergraduate and graduate) in all majors to serve as peer writing consultants. Paid consultants work with writers from all majors and disciplines and are trained to work with the all kinds of writing and all kinds of writers.

APPLICATIONS DUE each year on October 15 for positions starting in the spring and on March 1 for positions starting in the fall:

We also have opportunities for undergraduate front desk workers:

If you have any questions about our application process, email us at

You can also give us a call at 334-844-7475, or come by one of our locations and talk to one of our employees!

You can apply using the form below:

John C.H. Miller Writing Center Application


  • References

  • Commitments

  • Writing!

    Statement of Interest

  • The questions may be answered in any order.
  • If you're applying to be a writing consultant, you must also submit the following:

    Writing Sample

  • Your sample may be as short as a single page or the length of a long research paper.
  • Please submit a clean copy, without the instructor's comments or evaluation.
  • Cover Statement

  • Along with your writing sample, write a statement of no more than 2 pages that explains the following:
  • For example, what steps did you follow, what strategies did you use, how much time did you spend? How was that writing process different from, or similar to, what you typically do when assigned a writing task?
  • If you'd rather submit the old-fashioned way...

  • Save this completed application (, your statement of interest, writing sample, and cover statement as .pdf files. Email all application materials as attachments to:
  • or 844-7475

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