Meet the MWC Staff

We’re happy to meet you!

The staff at the Miller Writing Center is helpful to all students in all disciplines. Scroll through our page to learn more about MWC staff members’ fields of study and writing specialties.

Photo of Laurin Barnett

Laurin Barnett, Front Desk Representative

Photo of Kira Belcher

Kira Belcher, Consultant

Jessica Birdyshaw

Jessica Birdyshaw, Consultant

Kristen Bledsoe

Kristen Bledsoe, Consultant

Mackenzie Brzezinski

Mackenzie Brzezinski, Consultant

Abbey Burns

Abbey Burns, Consultant

Kayleigh Chalkowski

Kayleigh Chalkowski, Consultant

Ally Colton

Ally Colton, Front Desk Representative

Photo of Natalie Conboy

Natalie Conboy, Consultant

Natalie de Jongh

Natalie de Jongh, Consultant

Madeline Feenker

Madeline Feenker, Front Desk Representative

Yazmin Flores

Yazmin Flores, Consultant

Myandi Flowers

Myandi Flowers, Consultant

Hannah Gagnon

Hannah Gagnon, Front Desk Representative

Montse Garcia Rodenas

Montse Garcia, Consultant

Marina Gurmendi

Marina Gurmendi, Front Desk Representative

Emma Handel Icon

Emma Handel, Consultant

EJ Harris, Consultant

Lucy Hart Icon

Lucy Hart, Front Desk Representative

Jesus Jativa Photo

Jesús Játiva, Consultant

Anna Claire Johnson, Consultant

Renee Kalu

Renee Kalu, Front Desk Representative

Bryanna Meredith

Bryanna Meredith, Consultant

Hannah Miles

Hannah Miles, Consultant

Noah Miller

Noah Miller, Consultant

Phoebe Miller

Phoebe Miller, Consultant

Oliver Nell

Oliver Nell, Consultant

Meg O-Shea

Meg O’Shea, Consultant

Justin Ottinger

Justin Ottinger, Consultant

Elisa Reaves Icon

Elisa Reaves, Consultant

Courtney Reed Icon

Courtney Reed, Consultant

Emma Reeves Icon

Emma Reeves, Consultant

Cora Reynolds

Cora Reynolds, Consultant

Sara Rodrick

Sara Rodrick, Consultant

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders, Consultant

Sruti Sanghani

Sruti Sanghani, Consultant

Abigail Shashikanth

Abigail Shashikanth, Consultant

Anshu Shrestha

Anshu Shrestha, Consultant

Weston Sims Icon

Weston Sims, Consultant

Arjit Singh

Arjit Singh, Consultant

Hannah Smith, Consultant

Sarah Staley

Sarah Staley, Consultant

Linwood Stevens, Consultant

Rachel Sugg

Rachel Sugg, Consultant

Mary Wofford

Mary Wofford, Consultant

Cecilia Wood

Cecelia Wood, Consultant

Victoria Zona

Victoria Zona, Front Desk Representative