Tutor Profiles (A-C)

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Name: Amanda

Major: Communication Disorders & Spanish

Specialization: Creative Writing, Essays, Resumes/Cover Letters

Bio: I love all things international. Travel, different languages, and new cultures are of great interest to me! My go-to cool fact is that I once stood in two seas at the same time. When I traveled to Denmark we went to the beach at the tip of the country, and there the Baltic and North Sea meet.


Name: Anna

Major: Nutrition

Specialization: Essays, Research papers

Bio: I ran my first half marathon when I was sixteen, and now I am addicted to running!


Name: Anshu

Major: Ph.D Candidate, Biosystems engineering

Specialization: ePortfolios, Lab Reports/Science Writing, Research Papers

Bio: I am a graduate student who secretly wishes she had the superpower to fluently speak all languages known to mankind but for now four will have to do!


Name: Ashley

Major: Social Work

Specialization: Creative Writing, Literary Analysis, Resumes/Cover Letters

Bio: I love to read and write poetry.


Name: Audrey

Major: Elementary Education

Specialization: Creative Writing, Essays, and Literary Analysis

Bio: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”-Dr. Seuss


Name: Ben

Major: Sociology

Specialization: Literary Analysis, Research Papers, and Creative Writing

Bio: I spend the majority of my time outside.


Name: Betsy

Major: English and Communication

Specialization: Essays, Literary Analysis, and Research Papers

Bio: I hope to one day understand Shakespeare without needing footnotes.

Caitlin S

Name: Caitlin S

Major: Journalism

Specialization: ePortfolios, Essays

Bio: I am the only student on campus who likes the Haley Center.


Name: Carol

Major: Political Science & Psychology

Specialization: Essays, Literary Analysis, Research Papers

Bio: After graduation, I want to live abroad and travel to all seven continents.


Name: Carson

Major: English and Philosophy

Specialization: Creative Writing, Essays, and Literary Analysis

Bio: Auburn, Nottingham (England), Redwoods, Seattle.