Tutor Profiles (C-J)

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Name: Chloe

Major: Ph.D. Candidate in Biological Sciences

Specialization: Essays, Lab Reports/ Science Writing, and Research Papers

Bio: My current research at Auburn focuses on avian physiology.


Name: Christian

Major: Economics and Political Science

Specialization: Essays, Literary Analysis, Research Papers

Bio: I came, I saw, I wrote.


Name: Courtney

Major: French & German

Specialization: Creative Writing, Literary Analysis, Research Papers

Bio: Three words that speak to me: wanderlust, pastries, and naps.


Name: Cynthia

Major: Journalism and English Literature

Specialization: Essays, Research Papers, and Creative Writing

Bio: If I could pick a superpower it would definitely be reading peoples’ minds.


Name: Ed

Major: Ph.D Candidate in Biology

Specialization: Lab Reports/Science Writing, Research Papers, Resumes/Cover Letters

Bio: I study South American fishes. (Editor’s note: In this context, “fishes” is grammatically appropriate, as it refers to many species of fish. At the Miller Writing Center, we know grammar matters!)


Name: Elizabeth

Major: Electrical Engineering

Specialization: Lab Reports, ePortfolios, and Resumes/Cover Letters

Bio: Saturday, September 19, 2009. Last November provided me with a few more unforgettable Auburn moments, but that stormy West Virginia game that threatened to drown every fan in the stadium is no-doubt my favorite Auburn football memory.

Emily SJ

Name: Emily SJ

Major: Ph.D Candidate in Forestry

Specialization: Lab Reports/Science Writing, Research Papers, Resumes/Cover Letters

Bio: Longleaf pine is my favorite tree.

Emily U

Name: Emily U

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Specialization: ePortfolios, Literary Analysis, and Essays

Bio: My family used to foster kittens for the SPCA, and at one point we were fostering 12 cats in our house. Ever since then, my friends have dubbed me “Cat Lady Emily.”


Name: Grace
Major: English
Specialization: Creative Writing and Essays
Bio: I love songwriting, and if I could have any super power, I’d fly!


Name: Jamie

Major: Professional & Public Writing

Specialization: ePortfolios, Essays, and Literary Analysis

Bio: I have been to six of the seven continents, love listening to live music, and spend way too much time watching Netflix.