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Meet the Staff: Paul

24 July 2014

“Don’t self-edit.” – Alice Sullivan, a book editor I know. I think this advice can be applied in just about every form of writing when you are just trying to get words on the paper. Don’t second-guess yourself at the start. Push past the fear and say what’s on your mind and heart. Let the editing take place later.

Top Six With Scott: Six Reasons You’re Not Ready for the Real World

28 April 2014

Fun fact – you will graduate college eventually. Yep, your closet of yoga pants, too-short khaki shorts, and t-shirts you got for free will soon be replaced with a closet full of business casual. But don’t regret it – growing up is fun (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself)! Still, there’s a few barriers we have to overcome…

Writing Boo-boo #102: Wrong Word

22 April 2014

In the English language, there are words called homophones which sound alike but don’t have the same meaning. Some examples are “to, two, and too”, “your and you’re”, and our staff’s example, “there, their, and they’re”. Be aware of the differences between these words when you use them in writing!

Writing Boo-boo #2: Vague Pronoun References

17 April 2014

In this writing boo-boo, Morgan learns that she may need to be clearer when referencing a specific person, place, or thing. When a pronoun is used in a sentence, the noun that the pronoun is referencing must be clear. For example, someone might say, “I painted some pictures last night and my hands got stained.”

Beware of Adverbs

8 April 2014

Adverbs answer the questions when, where, why, how, or under what conditions something happened. They often end in -ly but can come in other forms too (often, even, during, indeed, much, quite, so, very, etc.). So, what’s wrong with using adverbs?