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Meet the Staff: Christian

29 September 2014

Meet the Staff: Christian Name: Christian Major: Economics & Political Science Year: Senior What do you like doing best in your spare time? I’m simultaneously a sports junkie and a music junkie. College football (War Eagle!), pro baseball (go Bravos!), and pro football (Rise Up!) are my favorite sports to watch (in that order), and […]

When Credibility Counts (It Always Counts!)

26 September 2014

 When Credibility Counts (It Always Counts!)   Just because grandpa’s grandkids didn’t proofread doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!   While grammar errors might not make you eat your own grandparents, you’ve probably read something where the mistakes made you trust the piece of writing less.   When a piece of writing contains such issues, it signals that […]

This Isn’t a Belated Welcome Back

24 September 2014

This Isn’t a Belated Welcome Back        Before I welcome you all back for the semester, I want you to imagine the year 2009. What was it like, so long ago? Apple had brought technology to its all-time peak with their ingenious “iPhone 3GS.” Michael Jackson was dead (or had completed his elaborate disappearing act – […]

Meet the Staff: Paul

24 July 2014

“Don’t self-edit.” – Alice Sullivan, a book editor I know. I think this advice can be applied in just about every form of writing when you are just trying to get words on the paper. Don’t second-guess yourself at the start. Push past the fear and say what’s on your mind and heart. Let the editing take place later.

Top Six With Scott: Six Reasons You’re Not Ready for the Real World

28 April 2014

Fun fact – you will graduate college eventually. Yep, your closet of yoga pants, too-short khaki shorts, and t-shirts you got for free will soon be replaced with a closet full of business casual. But don’t regret it – growing up is fun (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself)! Still, there’s a few barriers we have to overcome…