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Final Tips for the Final Step of Your Final Project

3 December 2015

Final Tips for the Final Step of Your Final Project by Caitlin S. The semester is almost over, finally. The only thing that remains is your last essay, which you’ve just finished writing. Congratulations, you made it! Although you are tired, ink-stained and finger-bruised, you’re not quite finished. The final step, editing, is painful, but it’s […]

The Central Perks of Writing

16 November 2015

The Central Perks of Writing Writing is hard. Phoebe understands. We’re here to help. The process of writing is by no means an easy one, and we’ve all had moments where it makes us feel a little bit crazy. You start off confident… You’re on a roll! Then, disaster strikes and you have no idea what […]

Blog post Highlight

12 November 2015

Blog Post Highlight With only three weeks left in the the semester and finals week fast approaching, I think we all need a little motivation to make it over the last-few-weeks-of-school hump. To help you cope with the looming threat of finals week, take a gander at this wonderful blog post from 2013 that was […]

RBD: More than just a freshman hangout

5 November 2015

RBD: More than just a freshman hangout It’s that time of year again…football, pumpkin pie, orange leaves, cozy sweaters, and research papers. Chances are if you’re in any sort of class that requires writing, you’ve got a whopping 10+ page research paper looming like a storm cloud over your next three weeks of school. For […]

Creativity in Writing

29 October 2015

Creativity in Writing Creativity is one of the most powerful tools writers can utilize. We often confine the idea of creativity in writing to pieces like poems, short stories, novels, and screenwriting—areas of writing that are often designated as “creative” and are considered safe spaces for self-expression or artistry. But creativity can take many forms—often […]