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Grammar and Editing


Mechanical details are important to writing, but it’s not just about “right and wrong.” It’s about making appropriate choices for your message and your audience. So, if you have questions about grammar, you’re not alone. There are lots of resources to help you make effective choices!

The Miller Writing Center
We can help with grammatical revisions during the final editing stages.

Grammarly Handbook
Grammarly’s Handbook offers detailed and complete guides to many different issues in grammar, mechanics, and structure!

The Grammarist website
This website offers a toolkit for answering common grammar questions.

Grammar Girl’s website
This award-winning website gives helpful, easy-to-use grammar tips.

The Oxford English Dictionary
The Oxford English Dictionary is ideal for students who are working on in-depth analysis and close reading. It can give you usages in literature, etymology, and definitions as they’ve changed throughout history.