Writing in your Major

When it comes to writing, each field has different conventions. Following the rules for an English paper could be a mistake for a Biology paper! Don’t worry; you aren’t expected to figure it all out on your own. Check out these resources to learn about what your field requires.

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Writing in the Sciences

The writing standards for science majors can be pretty different from other fields! These resources can help you learn the rules that are specific to scientific fields. Always check with your professor to learn what he or she expects from a scientific paper.

UNC-Chapel Hill has resources about different kinds of scientific writing:

Poster Presentations

There are many useful resources about creating effective posters:

Finally, here’s a textbook that you may find useful when you’re considering the issues of writing in the sciences, available in RBD Library

book cover of Writing in the Sciences

Writing in the Sciences – Ann M. Penrose; Steven B. Katz

Call Number: T 11 .G626 2006
ISBN: 0205616712
Publication Date: 2009-02-23
A classic in the field with excellent resources on general writing, as well as publishing, conference presentations, and scientific posters.