Monthly Archives: September 2017

Conservation Art

PhD student, Kayleigh Chalkowski is studying the impacts of invasive species on wildlife and human health using Toxoplasma gondii and feral cats in Hawaii as a study system. She  is also an incredible artist. Check out her work here.

Lemurs and their itchy behavior

Check out our newest paper out in the October issue of Animal Behaviour on the role of lemur personalities on parasitism! We explore how behaviour and hormones (like testosterone and stress hormone-cortisol) can drive the heterogeneity in parasitism that you see in wild populations. We also discuss the role that aggression may play in spreading parasites between conspecifics and hence the impacts that behavior may have not only on an individual lemur’s health, but on the entire population’s health.

We also introduce our mouse lemur personality assay in this paper. They really are as docile as they seem!