MARCH  7, 2007

Members present
Deb Moriarity, Jean Pugliese, Natalie Adams, Dave Francko, John Schmitt, Susan Rich, Rebecca Hartley, Terry Roberson, Bryan Noe, Jeff Engler, William D. Carr, Judd A. Katz, Alan Sheppard, B. Keith Harrison, Carla A. Beyl, Donna Jacobs, Dianne Barron

Executive Committee Change
Due to the recent retirement of Joe Wilkins, the Council has a vacant position for Treasurer. Dianne Barron volunteered to fill this vacancy until the end of Dr. Wilkin’s term. At the annual retreat, a full slate of officers for the upcoming year will be presented to council members.

Graduate Dean Changes
Dr. Moriarity announced the appointment of several new graduate deans. She will disseminate, via email, updated pages for the council directory.

Approval of November 1, 2007 Meeting Minutes
The minutes were approved, as written, by all in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report
Dianne Barron provided the Treasurer’s report. As of 11/01/07 the total funds on hand are $5,072.52, including a $300.00 deposit from Harcourt assessment.

Registration for ACGD Annual retreat at Gulf Shores, April 18-20
Dianne Barron will work with Joe Wilkins concerning retreat arrangements. A handout was provided with initial information about registration. Additional information will be forthcoming. Please remember our usual meeting with colleagues at Zekes on Thursday evening.

Summary of CSGS Meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. Moriarity provided a summary of the theme and sessions at this conference. CSGS emphasized the importance of understanding who our current and future graduate students will be, and their needs. Available technology has created a very savvy group of potential students who expect to communicate and perform utilizing the technology previously available to this generation. Alan Sheppard discussed an impressive presentation that focused on women and minorities, and provided a summary of highlights from the CHBGS annual meeting.

Topics for the Annual Retreat

  1. Update from representatives of ETS and Harcourt assessment
  2. Legal Issues ( a more precise list needs to be developed)
  3. Showcase Research
  4. Dr. Fitch from ACHE (distance education, off-campus instruction, etc.)
  5. Gordon Stone

Roundtable Discussions for today’s Meeting
“Role of the Graduate Office in scheduling/administering various required program exams” –led by Dr. Alan Sheppard, ASU
Dr. Sheppard and others in attendance discussed topics, such as, outside observers at thesis and dissertation defenses, thesis students (comprehensive exams and a separate defense for the thesis), number of times a student can take and fail the comprehensive exam, continuous enrollment while a student is completing a thesis or dissertation, etc.
Dr. Noe discussed his interest in ETS and some of their activities, including preparation courses for graduate admission tests, possible changes to the GRE and scoring, and available training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Future Meetings

Executive Board-June 20, 2007
October 3, 2007

Council Meetings-July 18, 2007
November 7, 2007

Spring Retreat-April 18-20, 2007

Please refer to the Council directory for other scheduled meetings

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