Spring 2018 – BIOL/STAT 7250: Practical Data Analysis and Computation for the Life Sciences

This course brings together graduate students in the biological sciences and in math and statistics to study novel quantitative solutions to biological research problems.  Biologists will bring questions and data sets to a forum in which analytical treatments of data will be applied to answering biological questions in new or more complete ways.  This is a chance for graduate students in both biology and statistics to develop knowledge in mathematical, statistical, and computing tools, and achieve creative advances in their research endeavors.  The entire range of biological problems and mathematical and statistical treatments are welcome.  Data sets can come from thesis/dissertation research or the literature.  The focus will be on publishable advances in both answering biological questions and developing or applying new quantitative methods.

I co-teach this course with F. Stephen Dobson of the Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn.