Current Projects

Collaborative Research: Making to Advance Knowledge, Excellence, and Recognition in STEM (MAKERS), Co-PI, NSF, DUE-1644007.

Collaborative Research: NSF INCLUDES: South East Alliance for Persons with Disabilities in STEM (SEAPD-STEM), Co-PI, NSF, HRD-1649344.

Targeted Infusion Project: Infusing Data-Enabled Active Learning in Mathematics and Statistics Courses, Co-PI, NSF, HRD-1436871.

US-Africa Collaborative Research Network in Mathematical Sciences, Co-PI, NSF, DMS-1343651.

Collaborative Research: Alabama Alliance for Students with Disabilities in STEM, Co-PI, NSF, HRD-0929268.

Past Projects

US-Africa Advanced Study Institute and Workshop Series in Mathematical Sciences, Co-PI, NSF, DMS-1050259.

NSF GK-12 Fellows in Science and Mathematics for East Alabama Schools, Co-PI, NSF, DGE-0538434.

Classification based on Data Depth Ordering, PI, NSF, DMS-0604726.