Auburn Chemical Engineering Alumni Council Bylaws

CHEN Alumni Council Bylaws

Our mission is to improve the educational and professional experience of both undergraduate and graduate Chemical Engineers from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.  We carry out this mission by assisting the department in defining and continually assessing progress towards its strategic plan, providing a bridge for the department to the entities who employ their graduates, and creating a network of alumni to facilitate the development of the department and each other.  The fruit of the Alumni Council’s, Faculty’s and Staff’s hard work and dedication will result in developing the most productive and successful Chemical Engineers in the world.

Items of great concern for the Council and its members are:

  1. The strength of Auburn’s reputation in academia and industry;
  2. The range and quality of the academic program;
  3. The quality of the student experience;
  4. The recruitment, retention, and quality of the students;
  5. The recruitment, retention, and quality of the faculty and staff;
  6. The quality of the department’s leadership;
  7. The quality of the department’s research program;
  8. Appropriate ethical behavior in all functions;
  9. The financial health of the department;
  10. The maintenance and improvement of department infrastructure;
  11. The identification, management, and monitoring of risks faced by the department.

See the above link for the current version of the Bylaws