The Council is designed to represent the diversity of the graduates, companies, and industries associated with the Chemical Engineering profession. Members shall be selected for their individual expertise and for their ability to contribute to the goals and objectives of the department. Representation from companies/organizations that either employ large numbers of our graduates or that have been a major sponsor of our research programs, or that have strong ties to our Department is particularly encouraged.

The Council consists of 5 standing committees.

Executive Committee – Shall consist of the President of the Council, the past President of the Council, and the Treasurer/Secretary. The Executive Committee is responsible for the financial and business activities of the Council, and therefore ensures that the bylaws are followed.

Membership Committee – Shall be responsible to (1) determine whether those who currently serve on the Council wish to stand for re-election when their term expires; (2) review current member industry association and graduation year to fulfill a broad distribution; and (3) in cooperation with the Department Chair, determine new potential Council members whose names may be submitted to the Council for election.

Academic Committee – Shall be responsible for advice and oversight of the education mission of the department, including support for ABET accreditation, and to give advice and counsel to the faculty on the needed skills of Chemical Engineers in the workplace.

Industrial Liaison Committee – Shall be responsible for increasing interaction between the department and the various industrial, business, and professional entities that employ graduates of the department, support the department through research funding, and promoting increased interaction between faculty, staff, and students of the department and outside industrial, business, and professional entities.

Alumni Relations –  Shall be to engage and re-engage alumni and friends of the Department of Chemical Engineering in activities associated with and supportive of the Department, including fund-raising efforts (in coordination with the College of Engineering Development Office) to provide additional financial resources to the Department.