Glen Gooch

Glen grew up in Florence, AL, and attended the University of North Alabama prior to transferring to Auburn University. He graduated from Auburn with a B.S. Chemical Engineering in 1981. He was fortunate to graduate with summer job work experience in coal-fired steam plant maintenance, nuclear power plant construction, and production of liquid and solid rare-earth halides.

After graduation, Glen took off a few months to let his brain rest and help his father remodel the family restaurant. Following a job-hunting trip to Dallas, he was hired by Texas Instruments as a Process Engineer manufacturing military infrared electronic systems. He later took a supervisory position in the Materials Branch of the Procurement Quality Assurance Department.

In 1987 Glen was hired by United Space Boosters Inc. as a Materials and Processes (M&P) engineer and moved to Huntsville, AL. He was responsible for working on all M&P-related issues with the suppliers of the electronic black boxes, cables, batteries, and pyrotechnic hardware and their integration on the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster.

Beginning in 1999 Glen worked as a materials specialist for Jacobs Technology at Marshall Space Flight Center. He has supported the Space Shuttle External Tank and Solid Rocket Motor, International Space Station Environmental Control and Life Support System, and various scientific payloads and satellites. He currently supports the Space Launch System Program reviewing the design and materials selection for the Core Stage and Exploration Upper Stage. Glen has been working part-time since 2019 and plans to retire in 2022 to spend more time with his family and friends, traveling, and doing things he enjoys.

Glen is married to Lisa since 1987, has two adult children, and resides in the country area north of Huntsville. He enjoys repairing anything that breaks, working in the yard and garden, and spending time in the wooded area on his property that fronts the Flint River. For his and Lisa’s personal enjoyment Glen roasts small batches of coffee beans in a hot air fluidized bed. In a typical engineering manner, he maintains a data log for each batch roasted and will reach 1500 roasted batches in June 2022. Glen is active in the church and has taught classes for elementary and middle school. He was a deacon for the mission work in Siquirres, Costa Rica from 2008 until 2018. He and Lisa traveled there each year to work with the local church members.

Glen became a member of the alumni council in 2012. He currently serves on the Membership Committee and has served as the Committee Chair in years prior.