Garrick Wilder

Garrick Wilder is a 1997 graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a specialization in Environmental Engineering.

Work Experience began as a co-op student from 1992 – 1996 at what is now Georgia-Pacific in Brewton, AL.

After graduation in 1997, Garrick worked for ECC International as a technical sales representative to the pulp and paper industry based out of Mobile, AL. ECC was a supplier of both specialty chemicals and minerals used in the paper industry. Through the course of mergers, ECC spun off the mineral side of business and the chemical business became part of Nalco. Garrick worked for Nalco until 2000 and was based in Richmond, VA.

In 2000 Garrick left sales to work for Bear Island Paper Co. in Ashland, VA as a technical team lead focused on paper machine operations. Bear Island was a manufacturer of newsprint primarily supplying pressrooms in the eastern United States.

After 4 years in manufacturing Garrick decided to return to specialty chemical sales to the paper industry with Buckman Laboratories and moved to Indianapolis, IN in 2004. Remained in IN for almost 3 years and eventually moved to Oxford, AL where he still lives. Current role with Buckman is Senior Sales Representative covering all of Alabama, Florida panhandle, northeast Georgia and southeast Tennessee.