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Work-in-Progress  (WIP) Meetings

CNS Work-in-Progress (WIP) meetings are regularly scheduled gatherings of faculty members with overlapping research interests. This venue allows participants to share their projects with colleagues and mentors, from conceptualization through submission or re-submission, while improving their work based on input from the group at each step along the way.

While CNS research interests span the full breadth of neuroscience, three primary thematic areas have been identified: (1) Neurodevelopment (2) Drugs of Abuse and (3) Neurodegeneration & Aging.

Dr. Chris Newland – WIP Leader

  • The WIP meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 3-5pm in PRB 207.
  • Contact Dr. Chris Newland ( if you would like to attend. 

Drugs of Abuse 
Dr. Tim Moore – WIP Leader

Neurodegeneration & Aging
Dr. Doug Martin – WIP Leader

  • Regular meetings have not been scheduled yet. 
  • Contact Dr. Doug Martin ( if you would like to attend. 

CNS Member Publications

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Last modified: February 14, 2020