Day 3. Race Day

Catherine completed her half marathon on Day 3 of her trip and even got a PR! Find out her story of the half marathon and what she did after HERE!

Catherine’s Trip Out West

Hey all! I am going to be writing these a bit more casually, but here is a day 0 recap of why I decided to take a trip out west to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. I am going to be going through each of my days in the part in detail so stay tuned. Day 0 posted HERE!

Who’s that Pokemon? Elinor Ostrom!

Rachel Jones, an undergraduate at Auburn, created a Pokemon card highlighting Elinor Ostrom! Rachel developed this for Dr. Dunning’s Human Dimensions course to show that important information can be displayed in a manner that is engaging for younger generations. Click HERE to see Rachel’s Pokemon card!

Wolves in Yellowstone?

This past semester, Dr. Dunning’s students in her Conservation Planning course learned about how to create a conservation plan through the use of a case study of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Undergraduate student Jordan Windham created an infographic discussing how wolves can help conserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. To view her infographic click HERE!

A Hike in Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Tristan Swartout, a Master’s student in the Auburn Deer Lab, takes us through one of his most memorable and favorite hikes in Montana. Tristan touches upon some human dimensions elements throughout his reflection. Check it out HERE.