Day 10.

Grand Teton to Salt Lake City.

June 11, 2022.

Today is the last day of our trip! I can’t believe how fast these days have flown by. We need to make our way back to Salt Lake City for our late night flights. Our flights were both after 11pm so we figured we would still have a hike this morning and enjoy our last day in Grand Teton.

We decided that we would do the Taggart and Bradley Lake since this was recommended as an easier hike. We had a mish-mash of breakfast and headed off for the hike. I would not say this was a hard hike at all but it also was not an ‘easy’ hike. This area definitely had some elevation gain and it was a nice hike. We saw a marmot while we were on trail and checked out both of the lakes. There were some great views and this was a nice quick hike.

We headed back to Jackson to try to return our unused bear spray and check out some of the shops before heading back down to Salt Lake City. We lucked out with REI accepting our bear spray returns, even without the original packaging. This was super lucky since the bear spray is $50 and you can’t fly home with it. We got coffee for the road and walked around the shops. Jackson is such a beautiful little town and I am glad we stopped here before heading out.

We decided to drive a different way back to SLC where we drove mostly through the Wyoming back country and got great views. After arriving in SLC we headed to Swig…had to get another one before we headed off. I got the Mountain Dew, mango, and strawberry puree drink. Honestly, the diet coke drink I had earlier in the week was much better! We got a quick dinner of Subway before heading off to the airport to head home. Although we got to the airport a bit earlier we were happy to be able to rest. I watched the Auburn baseball that was on!

I’m going to sum up my experiences on the trip in a later post. But overall this was a trip of a lifetime, I wish I could do it all again!

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