Day 4.

Day 4. June 5, 2022.

Good morning! We had a decent sleep in our tent, but let me tell you….do not forget to pack your sleeping mat….. We had basically slept on a gravel pit last night which was not the most comfortable thing ever, but had a pretty decent sleep. And waking up to these views was totally worth it!

Views from Gros Ventre Campground.

We got up and packed up the tent (moving 4 sites down for the night) and got ready for the day. We started today off with some peaches and cream oatmeal and banana for breakfast as we had a decent hike planned for the day. After eating breakfast we hit the road to head over to Phelps Lake to hike the loop trail. In order to do this loop we trail we started at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve and set off.

The hike was a 7.5 miles loop (although the trail map says 6.4 miles) but was not that strenuous. At about the midway point of the hike we saw a bunch of people looking off into the distance looking at someone down below. We decided to hike up and see what people were looking at. On the way up to where people were we spotted a marmot–SO CUTE. But as the couple passed us they said there was a mama grizzly with two cubs that you could see from up above. So we headed up to where everyone was looking and down in the break of the forest there they were. A mama grizzly bear with her two cubs. The two cubs were rolling around and playing and let me say at this point I realized wow I don’t know why I did not bring binoculars.

Quickly the weather started to turn and we still had about half of our hike left. We put on our rain gear and descended back to the loop trail. As we continued on we came across a couple that told us it smelt like “fresh scat from something big.” This put instant fear into my head, although I wasn’t sure what they meant. An elk was big was so it a bear? I was on high alert for the majority of the hike.

We continued on and stopped to have our lunch-peanut butter and jelly. After lunch we made it over to the famous “jumping rock” that is at Phelps Lake and took some pictures at the lake. We finished up our hike and headed back to the car all wet from the rain.

Phelps Lake!
Phelps Lake.

After we dried off in the car for a little we decided that we should head over to Jackson Hole to look around and pick up any extra supplies that we might need. It was a cute little town and it was nice to see it out of ski season. There were still a good bit of people in and around the town. We splurged when we saw “fancy” bovine and swine hot dogs that were made in Jackson Hole, as we are two girls who live off hot dogs.

After we were done in Jackson Hole it was still raining so we decided to drive up towards Colter Bay to see if there was something we could do. We drove up Signal Mountain drive since it was raining still and stopped at the lookouts to take in the scenery.

It finally stopped raining so we headed down to drive over to Colter Bay. On the way down the mountain we got to see a lot of animals. We saw elk and pronghorn and decided that since it was still early (and that the sun doesn’t set until 9pm) that we should do another small hike. I figured the wildlife would be more active due to the passing rain.

We decided to hike around Colter Bay which is were we completed the Heron Pond-Swan Lake Loop. Although we had no wildlife sightings this hike was beautiful and easy enough that we did not feel overwhelmed or tired. We saw a ton of beaver lodges!

After finishing our hike we decided this was a good time to head back to camp at Gros Ventre for a lovely dinner of hot dogs and chips. On the way back to the campsite we came across our first set of bison!!! They were all in the fields along the road and we stopped along the road Gros Ventre is on to view the baby moose and his mom! We even met the woman who runs the National Elk Refuge!

We grilled up our hot dogs and enjoyed a nice hearty meal before settling down for the night. We opted to sleep in the car tonight since it was supposed to pour overnight and I wasn’t sure if our tent could hold up to the downpour.

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