Day 5.

Drive to Yellowstone National Park!

June 6, 2022.

I was super excited for today as we were headed up to Yellowstone today. Don’t worry we are coming back down to Grand Teton before we leave, but we wanted to do a loop type of road trip. We decided that this “loop” style road trip was the best thing for us to do since we needed to head back to Salt Lake City for our flight home. 

We woke up this morning and packed up camp– which was super easy today since we had car camped last night so we really only put our bags of clothes and the cooler in the bear box. We had a quick breakfast and headed up to Colter Bay to get some last minute supplies before heading into Yellowstone. I bought the entirely necessary purchase of binoculars and man I wish I had either brought some with me or bought them earlier. This made such a difference on the trip and I am glad I bought some! I also got a maple glazed vanilla donut from the Colter Bay shop. Just look at this donut, it was SO GOOD and I wish I could have another.

One of the best donuts I’ve ever had. Don’t worry the car is parked.

I started our drive up from Grand Teton to the south entrance of Yellowstone. We decided to stop at a few pullouts once we got into Yellowstone before we made our way up to Old Faithful. It was a dreary day in Yellowstone with on and off light rain. But as soon as we headed up towards Old Faithful the day seemed to turn around.

As everyone says, you need to visit Old Faithful! We got there about an hour before the next eruption so we browsed around and looked at some of the other thermal features before grabbing a seat to watch the Old Faithful eruption. I will warn you, I think I was expecting a much bigger eruption than what happened, but thinking about how they are able to predict the eruptions within a 10-minute window is something crazy! 

After the Old Faithful eruption we walked around and did the loop hike around Old Faithful before heading out to our next stop. We got to see a bison ‘up close’ but not too close. As soon as it took one step forward my friend and I headed on our way even though there was plenty of space between us. We decided that we rather not be too close to any wildlife in the park. Our next stop was at the Biscuit Basin Loop where we got out and hiked around. These hikes were all pretty accessible which I think is an awesome feature to have in a National Park. I would be more than comfortable bringing my parents and even grandparents here to view some sights!

We headed over to the Fairy Falls to see the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring and complete the little hike. But as soon as we got out the car it started down pouring, and the thing is you can’t check the weather app while you’re in the park since there is basically no cell service. So we decided to just drive up to the Midway Geyser Basin and do the Fairy Falls hike later in the week. Once the rain let up we did the loop trail for the Midway Geyser which includes the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. It was really foggy when we were here and hard to see but still a really cool experience.

Since it was still super early in the day we decided to drive up toward Mammoth Hot Springs instead of going to our campsite in West Yellowstone. We stopped at Gibbon Falls on the way up and then headed up to Mammoth Hot Springs. On our way up we had a bison road block-the true first road block that we had!

Bison and calves that caused the roadblock!

Once arriving in Mammoth Hot Springs we walked around and had dinner at the Mammoth Dining Room. The food was just what we needed since I realized we were going to need to drive back down to Madison Junction to get over to our campsite. I had thought we were going to be able to go out the North entrance and then over to the campsite but that was going to take way more time. The main thing that we were excited for was the ice cream here. Let me just tell you…..they close all of the ice cream places at 5pm. We were really sad but said we would HAVE to stop here before we left town.

After dinner we got back in the car and stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs to walk around a tiny bit before heading over to our campsite. For the next two nights we were going to be at Cabin Creek Campground that is in West Yellowstone. This campground had no check in, no running water, and no running toilet, but what do you expect for a campground. Just a place to sleep which I was totally fine with. Since we had an extremely early morning tomorrow we decided to car camp again and get to bed early!

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