Day 7! Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

June 8, 2022. Today was super exciting as we had planned to head over to the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone” and hike and check out the views. We actually slept in this morning (which was needed) and had a quick breakfast before getting on the road. Since our campsite didn’t have running water we planned to stop at McDonalds in West Yellowstone to brush our teeth and get a hashbrown. Let me tell you…best hashbrown I’ve ever had!

We headed over towards Canyon Village to get on the trail but we hit a major bison roadblock that took over an hour to get through. Good thing we had a bunch of audiobooks on deck! After we passed the bison road block we had an easy drive over to Canyon Village. We headed into the federal building at the site to check out all of the goodies.

We got on the trial for Lower Falls and the North Rim Trail and set off. I know this was a more populated trail but I was shocked at the amount of people that did not have bear spray or proper shoes on. We hiked from the Brink of Lower Falls all the way to Inspiration point and then came back. The walk was really nice and flat (besides at the falls) and it was a really enjoyable hike. 

After this we headed down to the Brink of Upper Falls. On our drive over we saw a bull elk that was in velvet! He was HUGE and again there were tons of tourists up close to him. It made me so uneasy that people were so close but I guess that is a choice they were willing to make. Here we walked around and had our lunch.

We finally headed down to the South Rim trail and hiked this trail out to Artist Point and Point Sublime. Again, I was surprised at how busy this trial was considering the fact that it wasn’t the main look out. We took tons of photos and enjoyed the views before deciding we wanted to have a low energy afternoon.

We got back to the car around 3pm when we decided that we would go to West Basin Geyser on our way back to West Yellowstone. We walked around the geyser basin here and enjoyed the quiet path. We headed back towards West Yellowstone to go head to our new campsite at Rainbow Point (which is closer to WY than Cabin Creek). 

On the way into West Yellowstone we got caught up in another bison roadblock that took about an hour and a half to get through. This was super frustrating since we were tired and hungry, but we did get to see this baby bison run on the road with their mom. It was super cute and almost made up for the fact that the roadblock took sooooo long to get through.

We arrived in West Yellowstone hungry and tired so we stopped at Bullwinkles to have a celebratory beer and dinner. Nothing really stood out to us on the menu so we decided to have dinner elsewhere BUT enjoy the beer while we were there. I had the Juice Double IPA which was a local beer from Madison River Brewing in Montana. It was pretty tasty and then we headed off to have a quick dinner. We weren’t really feeling anything too special so we ended up having McDonalds for a quick dinner before heading to the new campsite.

We headed off to the campsite for the night and saw some bison on the way to it. Our campsite was easy to find which was great considering the fact that it was completely dark when we got there. Our bear box was also broken so we had to squeeze everything in the car so that we knew we would be safe. Headed off to bed for an early start tomorrow!

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